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UPDATE (18.03.2016): Va multumim tuturor celor care v-ati inscris la concursul Ingenius Hub Free Trial! Deoarece exista peste 90 de inscrieri in concurs, lista castigatorilor va fi publicata luni, 21 martie. Echipa si mentorii implicati in jurizarea inscrierilor vor avea, cu siguranta, un weekend Ingenius, ceea ce va dorim si voua! 🙂 UPDATE (15.03.2016): Perioada de inscriere […]

For those of you who are interested in the IT sector or plan to start a business company in this area, we have some good news! Digitaljob.ro, a niche recruitment platform dedicated exclusively to the digital and IT industries in Romania, was recently launched. Following a 30.000 euro investment, it represents an essential tool for […]

Snapchat is the famous start-up that conquered the majority of young smartphone users, both in Western Europe and in the USA, and is now entering the Eastern markets at a fulminant pace. It is also the start-up that refused to be bought by Facebook, in 2013, for no less than 3 billion dollars. Actually, in […]

If you own an Apple product -or even if you don’t-, you must be familiar with Apple’s software virtual assistant, Siri, who replies to voice commands. You might also be familiar with the fact that communicating with Siri can sometimes be annoying, due to the fact that it often doesn’t understand your commands and the […]

Amber Studio is one of the largest independent games studio in Romania, whose story began about 3 years ago, when Dragos Hancu decided to quit his corporate job and set up his own IT business, in a small flat in Bucharest. The initial investment amounted to 50.000 EUR and was recovered in less than 1 […]

You recently started your own business in tech and are struggling to get it known worldwide? We might have just the right solution for you, if you are willing to complete an online form, make an investment of over 8,000 RON and head for New Orleans at the end of April, 2016. Trust us: It […]

New investment fund for tech start-ups in Europe

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For those of you who are planning to open a start-up in the field of technology, we have good news! Besides the usual options of bank loans or getting business angels on board in exchange for equity, investment funds are a good alternative for start-ups in need of capital. One such fund, has recently started […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

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The online presence of professionals has become crucial in the past years and, in the given context, digital marketing is delivering more and more value to businesses. The first thing you have to do, as an entrepreneur who wants to succeed in the digital era, is to keep up with international trends concerning online marketing. […]

Atunci cand crezi in ideea ta, succesul este mult mai usor de atins. Este reteta mai multor tineri din Capitala care, dupa cateva luni de munca asidua, spun mandri ca au o afacere profitabila. Pentru a porni la drum, au folosit si fonduri europene. Iar de anul trecut, bugetele sunt de doua ori mai mari […]