9 iunie | Ingenius Networking

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Vrem sa-ti cunoastem povestea din spatele business-ului tau si sa te ajutam sa gasesti in continuare oportunitati de dezvoltare al acestuia! Te invitam pe 9 iunie, incepand cu orele 19:00, la o noua seara de networking alaturi de Ingenius Hub si alti tineri antreprenori care, desi aflati la inceput de drum, ne vor inspira cu […]

The effervescent start-up scene in Silicon Valley has inspired local tech entrepreneurs and heightened expectations in the last couple of years. Investors are looking for fast growth, while entrepreneurs, emboldened, are searching for sweetheart deals for early stage investments to finance the burn required for such growth. While we have yet to witness a local […]

How To Do Trend Watching on Social Media

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Social media is an extraordinary research tool, especially when it comes to observing trends. Even though social media users are constantly talking about various topics in a seemingly unorganized and hard-to-follow manner, the truth is that trending topics can be followed easily. Here’s how you can do trend watching on major social media platforms.

How to build a successful brand for a small business?

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Branding is a key factor in the success or failure of a business, particularly the small ones. It represents the identity conveyed to that particular business, referring to the way in which both your team and your audience or customers define the concept of your company and its core values. Therefore, the benefits that a […]

Would you like to know everytime your start-up is mentioned in a conversation on Facebook? Or be the first one to find out a blogger or publisher wrote about you? Now, there’s an easy way to do it, by downloading and using Notify on your smartphone or laptop.

A new line of funding for Romanian creative businesses

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If you want to start a creative business, we have some good news for you! You can benefit from grants of up to 25,000 euros from European funds that will be accessible through the funding scheme Creative Romania. The funding line will be probably available starting September 2016, according to the new revised schedule for […]

For a few years now, more and more developed countries are promoting the use of one car by as many people as possible, while also discouraging car ownership in crowded cities. This trend could lead to the decrease of sales in the car industry, which is why auto manufacturers are already starting to invest in […]

New investment fund launched for European start-ups

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If you are planning to start a business in a tech-related industry, you must know that a new investment fund is available for start-ups activating in Europe and Israel. The venture capital company Accel has recently launched a 500 million dollars investment fund that targets start-ups in the tech zone, from across Europe and Israel. […]

Ai o inventie? Ingenius Hub vrea sa ti-o finanteze!

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Ingenius Hub a inceput pregatirile pentru cele 5 workshop-uri pe care le va organiza in cadrul Bucharest Technology Week (23 – 29 mai), cel mai mare eveniment al comunitatii de tech din Bucuresti si cauta cele mai tari inventii brevetate sau in curs de brevetare pentru a le oferi finantare din partea unui grup de […]

Ingenius Hub pe harta Bucharest Technology Week

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Ingenius Hub se alatura celui mai mare eveniment al comunitatii de tech din Bucuresti – Bucharest Technology Week, cu o serie de 5 workshop-uri in cadrul carora tinerii antreprenori vor putea discuta si explora mediul de afaceri si oportunitatile de finantare pentru dezvoltarea start-up-urilor.