Start-Up Right - Change is difficult, not changing is fatal

After we heard the insightful speech our InGenius Hun mentor Mihai Chiratcu gave during the START-UP RIGHT CHANGE IS DIFFICULT, NOT CHANGING IS FATAL event we would like to share some of our new knowledge with all of you.

First of all Mihai Chiratcu had a broad experience of over 10 years in highly flexible domains as sales, customer service and business development. He has been a trainer, consultant and mentor for three years and writes articles addressed to entrepreneurs about topics from startup to exit. Believing in the romanian sustainable entrepreneurship he wants to lay a foundation stone startups joining InGenius Hub. Since 2015 he has inspired and supported over 120 entrepreneurs with training, mentoring and coaching. During his speech he initiated us in the use of ADKAR model.

What is ADKAR?

The ADKAR Model is a goal-oriented change management model to guide individual and organizational change. It was founded by Jeff Hiatt and it is an acronym that represents the five outcomes an individual must achieve for change to be successful: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement.


Change is mostly perceived as rough in our society. What we ought to understand is that change is inevitable and sometimes it is for the best. Yes, CHANGE IS DIFFICULT and yes, CHANGE IS COMPLEX. Also change is the one that gets us out of our comfort zone and the one that helps us achieve our dreams and true potential. Change requires new ways of thinking and courage but not only, that is why we use the ADKAR model.

In order to take action towards changing a bad habit, a group or organization, first all the individuals within that group must change. Each step of the model fits into the classic activities associated with change management.

Awareness is a relative concept. Be aware of the business/personal reasons for change. Awareness is the goal/outcome of early communications related to an organizational change. Awareness may be focused on an internal state, such as a feeling, or on external events. Are you aware that you need to do something in a different way?

Desire to enlist and participate in the change. Desire is the goal/outcome of aegis and resistance management. Do you have the personal motivation? Awareness is not enough. In order to change you need to make decisions based on your own motives.

Knowledge is all about learning how to change. It is the outcome of training, the practical understanding of the subject. Do you know how to do it? In order to productively change you need to know how.

Ability is the outcome of training and time you practiced, the realization of getting to implement the change at the necessary and wanted performance level. Can you put your knowledge into practice?

Reinforcement is the consequence that will strengthen an organism’s future behavior, the outcome of adopting corrective actions. Do you have reinforcement to prevent you from your old habits?

This 5 points, as basic as they may seem create the perfect order for change.

We strongly believe that this model is absolutely necessary for leaders and can be applied in a wide variety of organizational settings.

How does change occur on your personal level?


Contributor: Teodora Cezara

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