How to develop good time management skills

How to develop good time management skills

Time management is an essential skill for a young business planner like you, especially if your company is a new-comer and you do not have enough staff to delegate the tasks which need to be done. Using your time effectively may sound as a cliche, but, in fact, it is one of the most important aspects in developing your business. The key here is prioritising your workload and your time. If you are wondering how you can do this, this article will guide you through some key aspects that will help you in managing your time more properly:

1. First of all, you should learn to make the difference between an urgent task and an important task: whereas an urgent task demands your full and immediate attention, but whether you actually do it or not may not matter, an important task may have serious consequences for you if you choose to do it after you assigned deadline.

2. Schedule the difficult tasks in that time of the day you work better: some of you may be more productive in the morning or, on the contrary, in the evening. Although you also need to schedule in some things or tasks that need to be done at a particular time, like meetings, it is best to plan the difficult tasks for those time when you perform better, in order to obtain the best result.

3. Multi-tasking is not always the best decision: especially if you have to do an important task, it is much better to finish off one job before moving onto another. A good practice in case you have to do several different tasks is to group them and do similar tasks consecutively.

4. You can improve your time management skills also by using a range of time-effective tools to accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals. Google Drive, Asana or TurboCASH are such tools that can help you save precious time which you can use for finishing other important projects.

To conclude, as an entrepreneur, time is one of your most precious assets. Planning the amount of time you spend on all of the tasks of running a business will help you not just finish more tasks, but will also help you keep things in perspective and not feel stressed or overwhelmed by too many jobs.

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