How To Do Trend Watching on Social Media

How To Do Trend Watching on Social Media

Social media is an extraordinary research tool, especially when it comes to observing trends. Even though social media users are constantly talking about various topics in a seemingly unorganized and hard-to-follow manner, the truth is that trending topics can be followed easily. Here’s how you can do trend watching on major social media platforms.

Global trends on Twitter

Twitter might be the best network for finding real-time trends for different topics, from news and sports to entertainment. The fact that Twitter is rather neglected in Romania can be a business opportunity for the few entrepreneurs using it, because they earn the competitive advantage of finding out first about global trends. Most users are engaged in conversations around large-scale events through Twitter’s hashtag system, which turns keywords into search results.

Long-term trend evolution on Facebook

The most popular social network in Romania can be used effectively for trend evolution, since conversations and trending topics on Facebook have a longer life span than those on Twitter. Recently, Facebook announced an improved search tool with suggestions and results from both friends’ posts and public posts. Indeed, the downside is that on Facebook you can only see the activity of your friends, publications, certain celebrities and brands, whose profiles are public.

Visual trends on Pinterest and Instagram

Where else can you find trends in visual content than on popular image-based platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram? On Instagram, for instance, you can discover hashtags and see new posts based on what you already liked and followed. Pinterest is more of a search engine for visuals, being very well organized and having a smart infrastructure.

All in all, using social media to monitor trends regularly is a recommended, proactive way of dealing with the influences of the external environment over your business.

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